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2009 Undertook the telecommunication integrated system (industrial safety integrated system) of Puguang Gas Field of PetroChina, and pioneered in the construction of emergency direct integration technology platform for highly dangerous industry of petroleum and petrochemical industry.

Undertook the integrated wiring project of Chengdu Sports University, the equipment house reconstruction project of Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, the light current system project of Emeishan City Photovoltaic Industry Park, the light current system project of Affiliated Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Luzhou Hospital College, and the geographic information system development project of Sichuan Branch, Agricultural Bank of China.

2008 "Medical Insurance Medicine Management System Platform" was supported by Sichuan Provincial Enterprise Innovation Fund.

Obtained the "Security Qualification Certificate" issued by PetroChina, undertook the automatic fire alarm system and other works of Puguang Gas Field of PetroChina, indicating formally initiating petroleum and petrochemical industry.

Undertook LED system and equipment purchase tasks of Sanya City People's Hospital in Hainan Province, the network system of Sanya City Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in Hainan Province, primary and middle school campus networks in Longquan District Economic Development Zone, Chengdu, and the network system project of Chengdu University.

2007 Was approved as Chengdu High-tech Enterprise.

Recognized as software enterprise Undertook the hospital management information system of Sanya City Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in Hainan Province, data storage system of Sanya People's Hospital in Hainan, ATM monitoring system and computer equipment project of Sichuan Branch, Agricultural Bank of China, Shenxianshu Office Block Integrated Wiring System Project of Nuclear Power Institute of China, monitored control System project of Chengdu Agricultural Science and Technology Training College, computer project of Sichuan University of Science and Technology, and Large Screen Display System Project of control center of Deyang City Public Security Bureau.

2006 Undertook the electronic commerce system development project of Tianyahaijiao and Luhuitou Scenic Spot in Sanya, Hainan Province, indicating entering the electronic commerce market.

Undertook website system development project for Government of Mabian County, Leshan City, and initiated electronic government affairs market.

Undertook Jiurucun Office Block Integrated Wiring System project and Jiajiang Block A Working Area Nuclear Facility Security Protection System Construction of Nuclear Power Institute of China, and initiated the business of secret-related system integration.

2005 Undertook the medical insurance network project of Linzhi Region of Tibet, Lab of Tibet University, forest fire protection and supervision engineering of Hainan, "Jin Cai" equipment room engineering of Meishan City, and central equipment room project of Nuclear Power Institute of China.

Passed the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Authentication

2004 Established Tibet Office, developed IT business and provided IT service in Tibet.

Undertook campus supervisory control project of Chengdu People's Armed Police Force Command College, OA system development project of Lhasa City Party Committee, and construction project of light current system of Bluelight Gold Lotus Commercial Property project.

2003 Provided security solutions for identity authentication, invasion detection, content audit and security management and other networks.

Was issued by Sichuan Provincial Public Security Bureau as Grade One Certificate of Permitted Security Protection

"Remote Technical Support System" software project was supported by the Electronic Development Fund of Ministry of Information Industry with amount of 1 million Yuan.

Established Hainan Branch, and developed IT business and provided IT service in Hainan.

2002 Undertook the construction of campus network of Chengdu University of Information Technology, Chengdu Sports University, part of western university campus network project

Undertook the construction project of modern physics laboratory of Sichuan University, indicating formally entering instrumentation, laboratory equipment market.

Was approved by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as grade three computer system integration enterprise

Was approved by Sichuan Provincial Bureau for Protection of State Secrets as secret-related computer system integration enterprise

2001 Signed contracts with leading group of party and government network of Sichuan Province, HP Lease Co., Ltd, and undertook the construction project of lease of county-level party and government network of Sichuan Province, with contract amount of 20 million Yuan, indicating the ability of our company to undertake large-scale IT construction project and finance.

Undertook OA Project of General Office of Tibet Autonomous Party Committee, and developed file exchange software for each department and bureau of autonomous government.

The company evolved from network system integration to provision of value-added service and solutions

2000 Signed contract with CISCO Company and being its authorized agent

Undertook the network system renovation project of Chengdu Branch of People's Bank, indicating the possess of ability to undertake high-end network system

Undertook Campus network project of Chengdu People's Armed Police Force Command College, indicating company's ability to undertake large campus network

Established Chongqing Office to develop IT business and provide IT service in Chongqing

1999 Undertook the network construction for Teaching Administration Office, Physics Department, and Technical Library of Sichuan University, marking entering into university and school area.

Signed contract with Autodesk, and being the authorized agent of its CAD software and exploring the CAD system business of China Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute, and Southwest Civil Airport Construction Corporation, starting entering the graphic and image system area.

Establishing Kunming Branch under cooperation with relevant governmental institute of Yunnan Province

1998 Undertook local area network construction for branches of People's Bank in Jianwei County, Hongya County, and Renshou County, air traffic control system construction for Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport, Jiayuguan Airport, and Dunhuang Airport.

Undertook network construction of Rural Credit Cooperatives of Xining City, Qinghai Province

Developed into a network system integration company gradually

1997 Acted as the authorized franchiser of Kodak DC, and the exclusive agent of SONY DC, and was the largest and earliest professional wholesaler and retail company of DC in southwest market.

Signed with Hisense and became the agent of Hisense microcomputer to develop the distribution business in secondary market

Undertook two party and governmental network construction projects of Party Committee and Government of Cangxi County, Guangyuan City

1996 Established in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, mainly involved in wholesale and retail of information product.

Became the general agent of Microtek scanner in South-west China, and then developed into the largest scanner wholesaler in south-west China.